Cuscus (o Cous Cous) con Broccoli

Cuscus (o Cous Cous) con Broccoli
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Dec 8, 2021

tasty and quick to prepare

There are many traditional Sicily dishes that originate in North Africa. Couscous is definitely one of our favorites. In the province of Trapani it is offered in almost all restaurants - mostly with fish or vegetables.
In the following recipe we only list the ingredients without any quantities. Those who cook with passion will certainly find the right amount without any problems, depending on how many hungry family members or friends will come to dinner.
Couscous (we prefer organic quality, as we have had very good experiences with it) prepare according to the instructions on the pack and let it soak. Don't forget to add salt to the boiling water beforehand.
In the meantime, cut the red onions in slices, chop the broccoli and stew both in good olive oil in the pan. Add the pine nuts (or almond sticks), raisins and later some water. If you like, you can also add cooked chickpeas. Season with salt and a few chilli flakes. You can determine the degree of doneness yourself. If you like the broccoli crunchy, do not stew it for too long.
Add a little olive oil or butter to the swollen couscous, fluff with a fork and then mix with the vegetables in the pan.

Buon Appetito!