Blub - L'Arte sa Nuotare

Blub - L'Arte sa Nuotare
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Mar 20, 2023

Dante and Beatrice interpreted by street artist BLUB

Under the motto "Art can swim", the anonymous Florentine street artist has provided a number of classics, such as Dante and Beatrice, the Mona Lisa, the birth of Venus, the girl with the pearl earring and many others, with diving masks and depicted them underwater .
Blub creates these works in acrylic paints on paper and sticks them on the water and gas meter boxes in the historic inner cities in nightly actions.
We saw the work “Dante and Beatrice” near the Palazzo Blu art museum in Pisa. But the works can also be found in Florence, Arezzo, Padova and many other cities.
If you want to see more of the underwater works, you can visit the Blub Instagram profile.

We were inspired by Blub for this year's Toscana Sì ScontCard.